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Empowering hardware startups that change the world - join us on June 10, 2021

Launchpad brings together hardware builders, engineers, investors and founders passionate to change the world with hardware innovation.

Speakers from leading companies

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Our Key Speakers


Stefan Klocke
CEO & Founder Volocopter


Pascal Blum
CEO & Founder Unu Motors


Christian Dahlen
VP Portfolio SAP



Session 1

Success stories from the best hardware founders

Session 2

How to make a hardware investment attractive - derisking

Session 3

How to bring your product to market - Manufacturing

Session 4

Beers with Peers 

Let’s get physical: asset-based value creation in digital ecosystems
| Keynote: Christoph Bornschein, CEO of the agency for digital business TLGG

Hardware is Hard - success stories and failures from leading hardware founders
15:30-16:00 | Stefan Klocke, Shareholder and chairman of the advisory board of Volocopter GmbH with Q&A Session

16:00-16:30 | Pascal Blum, Co-founder and CEO of unu with Q&A Session


How to get money from a hardware investor
| Keynote: Christian Dahlen, Angel Investor and Vice President at SAP

How Hardware Startups and Corporates can benefit from each other
16:50-17:05 | Daniel Spitzbarth, Head of Technologiewerkstatt in
Albstadt and Business Design Coach at Tech Startup School

How Scrum is accelerating hardware product development
17:05-17:20 | Krzysztof (Chris) Mikoda, CEO of SquadTec, former UBER Engineering Center Manager and founder of Hardware start-ups

It’s a jungle out there: Protect your IP before someone else does
| Julia Luksan, Attorney at Law and Christiane Feichter, Associate at Jarolim Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH



How can Cloud Manufacturing accelerate innovation of hardware products
| Simon Tüchelmann, CEO and Co-founder KREATIZE

Design to X with Ex-Apple, Dell and Uber Supply-Chain Executive
17:45-18:00 | Zod Mehr, CSO KREATIZE

Lower the entry barriers for hardware startups with Cloud Manufacturing
18:00-18:15 | Fabio Sulser, Tech Lead Data & Automation at KREATIZE

Networking session with speakers and attendees

Join Builders & Decision Makers from leading companies on June 10th


Volocopters innovative aircraft

Volocopter is mobility’s new dimension. Skip traffic jams and detours. They opt for advanced, predictable mobility and are the pioneer of electrical urban air mobility. They bring you the first eVTOL ecosystem of air taxis and heavy-lift drones.

Next generation unu electric scooter

unu was founded with a simple mission: To create the best mobility solutions that connect you to your city and allow you to realise the full potential of city life. Find out more and meet the people and partners behind unu.

The future belongs to the builders

To effectively tackle the challenges of the future we need a new wave of hardware builders and hardware companies. New mobility, new ways of building, clean and renewable energy, alternative proteins, agile manufacturing and many more need to be solved. We bring together creators (founders, hardware development innovators, product designers, engineers, investors)  to share the challenges and successes of hardware product development. KREATIZE Launchpad is a platform for leaders and innovators to share knowledge, insights and ideas.

With KREATIZE Launchpad, we are building a community of peers who are changing the world by designing better products.